Tastiest Burger

Extremities: The Lengths I Go To!

The extremity I am recording here is the Burger King restaurant located inside Marylebone Station in Westminster, London, and specifically the tasty burgers served therein.

All too often fast food is cooked in such a manner as to leave your hands and mouth feeling greasy, necessitating a trip to the men’s room to freshen up. This fast food restaurant totally hit the jackpot, providing food cooked to perfection, the burger patty ever so slightly greasy and without any of the toughening up associated with overcooking. The bun itself was in prime condition and did not disintegrate or tear, and the fries were a generous portion, freshly cooked and lightly salted. All in all, the perfect fast food meal.

Addendum: Opposite lies the Victoria & Albert pub, serving a wide range of beers including Black Sheep, and with two quality pool tables on which to annihilate your work colleagues.