Extremities: The Lengths I Go To!

The extremity I am recording is the area of tarmac immediately in front of the Grand Canyon West airport lounge, elevation 4,810 feet above sea level.

Canyons are awesome things, they’re big, they’re long and they’re deep. The only thing that might catch you out is that when standing peering over the edge is that they’re so very high up.

Now whether it’s the heat, the awesomeness of the sight in front of you, the altitude you’re at, or simply the sheer depth of the thing, I have no idea, but I have to say the Grand Canyon truly takes your breath away, in more ways than one.

Word of warning: Don’t be an idiot like I was, and try and get too near to the edge, and then have a near heart-attack, as you kind of skid to a stop that flicks and sprays stones over the edge and down down down for nearly a mile, leaving you shaking and hyperventilating.