Extremities: The Lengths I Go To!

The extremity I am recording occurred at a point mid-way down the road running alongside Towneley Golf Course, during an end of year school sports day.

Being one of the posh kids it was determined that I should play golf, along with one other nameless well-to-do guy. Our round started well, me averaging 8 or 9 shots per hole, him about 4. I wasn’t bothered, it was a day out.

The game proceeded to the 9th hole, where I hit a beautiful 150 yard tee shot, which sadly ran out of bounds and began rolling back down the road towards me. I feared it would return all the way back adjacent the tee, and it sure looked that way, until it ran under an obstacle. When I say obstacle, I mean of course a large piece of construction machinery with a crew of 20, laying a fresh coat of tarmac along the road. To a man, they lolled.