Extremities: The Lengths I Go To!

The extremity I am recording occurred on the roof at home many years ago when trying to set up an old portable 14″ TV in my bedroom, and deciced to ‘fit’ an external aerial.

Earlier this day my parents had paid for a new TV aerial installed, the old one being thrown in the bin. After the workman left I retrieved the old aerial from the bin, took it inside and wired it to the TV using the 30 year old cable also saved from the bin. Not good enough!

The next day with my parents and sister out I took out the ladders, carefully placed the aerial on the house roof and went inside to check the picture. Still no good. I was now going to climb onto the roof and place the aerial on the apex of the house. Sounds easy? It was, only problem that from being stood on the roof there was no way I could see the ladder to get down again.