Farthest North

Extremities: The Lengths I Go To!

Having a sister living away in Scotland provides many opportunities for weekend visits, and invariably results in exploring far-flung and obscure places.

On two such visits I have taken a day out to drive up to Inverness, for the expressed purpose of driving alongside Loch Ness hoping to catch a glimpse of the famous monster.

The extremity I am recording is the pile of rocks on the beach behind the motorbike garage at Lossiemouth.

Because I’m a clever so-and-so, my visit to this location was timed to coincide with low tide and at the appointed time I duly scrambled to the northernmost rock. My smugness at advancing the Maden North Extremity was short-lived as in my haste I hadn’t realised quite how large some of the boulders were, and that my return journey might involve a watery detour