Extremities: The Lengths I Go To!

The extremity I am recording occurred in the restaurant at the Rose ‘n’ Bowl pub and carvery in Stacksteads inbetween Christmas and New Year 2004.

Anyone who knows me is aware that pub food especially a carvery is my major weakness, you’ve heard of animals that literally eat themselves to death, well I am quite close.

The meal costs around £15, so you’d expect something out of the ordinary and you’d be right. For a start it’s three courses rather that one, but the main bit is the four meats all done to perfection, served by a chef who looks insulted if you leave any part of your plate unfilled. My trick of course is to ask for more. With 3lb of meat on the plate I proceed to pile potatoes around the rim, creating a sturdy base, then fill up the innards in the style of a pyramid, to a height of over 5″, before capping it off with an upturned yorkshire pudding.