Paul Maden

Mailjax - AJAX Email Validator / MX Record Lookup

What is Mailjax?

Mailjax is a simple and straightforward tool to aid in validating an email address.

Before I get your hopes up too high, no technique can guarantee a valid email address, short of trying to send the email and telephoning to ask if the recipient received it.

That said, there are a couple of useful checks that can be done, and Mailjax does them for you…

  1. Check the address 'looks' ok - i.e. does it look like '' rather than 'bob@hotmail', '' or ''?
    The check performed at this stage is known as a 'Regular Expression', which is just a geeky way of saying it matches a pattern.

  2. Check the domain name part of the email address (everything after the '@') refers to a server that accepts incoming mail - i.e. '' looks good, whereas typos such '' or 'hotmail.ocm' will most likely fail.
    This check is called 'MX Lookup', we interrogate the domain name system to see how 'Mail Exchange' (MX) is handled for this domain.

Using Mailjax

Type the email address you wish to test into the form below…

Mailjax will display a visual indicator as to whether it thinks you have entered a valid email address.


P.S. Don't worry, I won't store or sell any email addresses you type in. Nor will I send any junk mail.