The Love-Muff Exchange

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Disclaimer: Use at your own risk! Don't take this page seriously, it's not a "how to" guide, or advice, or a manual.

The Love-Muff Exchange is a puerile game, dedicated to the exchange of words in song titles to humourous effect.

Originally created by Alistair Thompson, 11th September 2002. I don’t know the guy, and I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t thank me for resurrecting this. Oops.

Love to Muff

How Deep Is Your Muff?
Bee Gees
A Groovy Kind Of Muff
Phil Collins
Tainted Muff
Soft Cell
Too Much Muff Will Kill You
Brian May
I Would Do Anything for Muff
Meat Loaf
I Want to Know What Muff Is
The Greatest Muff of All
Whitney Houston
Endless Muff
Lionel Ritchie & Diana Ross
Muff on Your Side
Thomson Twins
The Muff Cats
The Cure
What’s Muff Got To Do With It
Tina Turner
I Will Always Muff You
Dolly Parton
When Muff Breaks Down
Prefab Sprout
Big Muff
Fleetwood Mac
Muff Her Madly
The Doors
Where Did Our Muff Go?
The Supremes
Puppy Muff
Donny Osmond
Muff Is All Around
Wet Wet Wet
Muff Is A Social Disease
Bon Jovi
Another Chance (at Muff)
Roger Sanchez
You Can’t Hurry Muff
Phil Collins
All You Need Is Muff
The Beatles
Summer Muffing
Muff Me Do
The Beatles
Muff On The Rocks
Neil Diamond
The Muff Shack
Stop In The Name of Muff
The Supremes
Muff Changes Everything
Michael Ball
Moments In Muff
The Art of Noise
I Don’t Know Why I Muff You
The House Of Muff (v. clever)
Dedicated To The One I Muff
The Mamas & The Papas
Muff Is A Many Splendoured…
Matt Monroe
Money Can’t Buy Me Muff
The Beatles
Let Muff Rule
Lenny Kravitz
Sunshine Of Your Muff
Rocket Muff
Stevie Wonder
Baby Muff
The Supremes
From Russia With Muff
Matt Monroe
Tender Muff
Natalie Cole
Muff In An Elevator
Muff Me Two Times
The Doors
For Your Muff
The Yardbirds
I’m Not In Muff
Tonight I Celebrate My Muff
Roberta Flack
Muff Hurts
Said I Muffed You But I Lied
Michael Bolton
Can You Feel The Muff Tonight?
Elton John
Sweet Muff
Anita Baker
Muff Bites
Def Leppard
Bizarre Muff Triangle
New Order
Slave To Muff
Roxy Music
Muff Is A Stranger
Muff Is A Battlefield
Pat Bennatar
Muff Rears It’s Ugly Head
Living Colour
Got To Have Your Muff
Liberty X
Is This Muff?
It’s Only Muff
Bryan Adams & Tina Turner
Muff Is Contagious
Taja Seville
Your Muff Is King
Once You’ve Tasted Muff
Take That
Muff Loves To Love Muff
Old Fashioned Muff Song
Three Dog Night
Muff Train
The Detroit Spinners
Laser Muff
Sugar Baby Muff
The Rubettes
I Love My Muff
Cat Stevens
Radar Muff
Gold Earring
Diana Ross
Underwater Muff
All out of Muff
Air Supply
The Cure
Muff’s Been Good To Me
Frank Sinatra
One Muff
Bob Marley or Stone Roses
Caravan of Muff
The Housemartins
The Look of Muff
Muff Me for a Reason
Need Your Muff So Bad
Fleetwood Mac
Whole Lotta Muff
Led Zepplin
Addicted To Muff
Robert Palmer
The Power of Muff
Jennifer Rush
Muff is the Key
The Charlatans
Muff Letters
Alison Moyet
Muff Changes Everything
Climey Fisher
That Old Devil Called Muff
Alison Moyet
Everlasting Muff
The Muff Affair
I Muff You Muff
Gary Glitter
I Muff Everybody
Lyle Lovett
Tunnel Of Muff
Dire Straits
Have I Told You Lately That I Muff You?
Van Morrison

Dance to Wank

Wanking with Tears in my Eyes
Wanking on the Ceiling
Lionel Ritchie
Flash Wank
Irene Cara
The Safety Wank
Men Without Hats
Wank Away
Roxy Music
Wanking Queen
Come Wanking
The Kinks
Let’s Wank
David Bowie
Wanking in the Streets
D. Bowie & M. Jagger
Don’t Stop The Wank
Bryan Ferry
I Want To Wank With Somebody
Whitney Houston
I Can’t Wank
Wank into the Night
Phil Collins
Wanking in the Dark
Bruce Springstein
Private Wanker
Tina Turner
I Can Wank
Chris Montez
Lets Face The Music (and Wank)
Nat King Cole
You Make Me Feel Like Wanking
Leo Sayer
Save The Last Wank For Me
The Drifters
Wanking in the Moonlight
Wank to the Music
Sly & The Family Stone
Rhythm is a Wanker
I’m in the Mood for Wanking
The Nolans

Heart to Arse

Dionne Warwick
My Arse Will Go On
Celine Dion
Don’t Break My Arse
Put Your Hand on Your Arse
Kylie Minogue
A Good Arse (Is Hard To Find)
Feargal Sharkey
Arsebreak Hotel
Open Your Arse
Give Me Back My Arse
Don’t Go Breaking My Arse
Elton John & Kiki Dee
Achey-Breaky Arse
Billy Ray Cyrus
Tell it to My Arse
Taylor Dane
Unbreak My Arse
Toni Braxton
Arseache Tonight
The Eagles
Arse of Glass
Wooden Arse
Arse of Gold
Neil Young
Total Eclipse of the Arse
Bonnie Tyler
Quit Playing Games (With My Arse)
Backstreet Boys
Bonnie Tyler
Take Another Little Piece Of My Arse
Aretha Franklin
Stop Crying Your Arse Out
I Lost My Arse to a Starship Trooper
Hot Gossip and Sarah Brightman
Arse & Soul
Anyone Who Had An Arse
Cilla Black
Tender Arse
Lionel Ritchie

Bonus points

I Love to Muff (But My Baby Just Loves To Wank!)
Tina Charles
Wank Yourself Dizzy
(Unknown – but good advice)
Only Muff Can Break An Arse
Gene Pitney

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk! Don't take this page seriously, it's not a "how to" guide, or advice, or a manual.