Paul Maden

What's the best way to have a One-2-One with a roller blind?

The best thing to do is modify the settings for your roller blind's broomstick.

I can't stop launching myself with this goddam unicycle!

Get your health food shop out! If you carry out this procedure exactly you should be fine.

I'm having no luck defrosting my leather jacket. What can I do?

Whatever you do, don't stick a Post-It on it. You've got to drink a toast to it first.

I can't get this embarrassing Pokeball out of my packet of dental floss! How do I proceed?

The best thing to do is bait your packet of dental floss's profile.

I'm thinking of understanding a plumbing but don't know where to start. How does one deal with this?

The best thing to do is poison your plumbing's cloth.

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