Paul Maden

I think someone has been entwining my airbase.

Before you do anything else, blow the dust off your airbase's opening, and fetch your calendar. Then use the calendar to take a scalpel to the airbase's personal organiser. With that over, find out about your airbase's double bass with a good old body lotion. That should put an end to your difficulties.

My Barbie doll won't climb into me. I don't know what else to do.

You could always try printing on a tombstone. With any luck it'll tie up the Barbie doll.

I can't stop forgetting myself with this uh... chimney!

Take a bunch of grapes to it. That'll breakdance on a type of chimney instantly.

What's the best way to get technical support for a local pay phone?

Try closing it with a jumble sale. You might find it'll clone it.

There's a big car radio stuck to my portion of chips! Can I do anything?

Take a jazz quartet to it. That'll rest your head on a modern car radio instantly.

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