From the Gospel according to Paul Maden

Another day, another new project to tell you about 🙂

Created a fun little section documenting various facts and figures on the subject of… yours truly.

The aim of the project is to document the unusual, in fact no that’s not strong enough, it’s to document the extreme. “Extremities” will be used to record the furthest I have reached in any particular field or direction.

So what kinds of extremities have been captured?

Starting off with the easy physical ones, I have described the limits of how far North, East, South and West I have travelled, and for what purpose. Moving on to other physical extremes adds Highest, Fastest, Hottest and Coldest. A final physical extremity recorded is Fullest.

Future developments

Three more physical extremities awaiting treatment are Windiest, Wettest and Violently Ill, these should be fun to write.

Moving on from the physical extremes leads in a whole new direction, namely the ‘In Your Head’ extremes. This category brings in Scared, Fatigued, Relieved, Content, Love-struck, Embarrassed, Saddest and Grown Up.

Check it out

Extremities – The Lengths I Go To

Expose me for the weirdo I am

I am also giving consideration to any requests you may have for new extremities to be exposed. So, if you would like to know how far I have been or achieved in any direction or area, and I consider it to be safe for public viewing, then please email me via me at paulmaden dot com and I’ll get my thinking cap on.