Pocket Dialling

From the Gospel according to Paul Maden

The last couple of nights I have been over at the allotment, strimming down weeds and tidying up.

Yesterday, after an hour and a half’s work I was interrupted by my phone ringing, and a panicked voice saying they were returning my call, and was everything OK as I had made lots of calls. Somewhat puzzled, I assured the caller I was fine. Upon ending the call, I noticed my phone’s wallpaper had changed, also that around 50 different apps were open.

Well, I’d never have guessed it, but it turns out that using a petrol powered strimmer with your phone in your pocket isn’t a good thing, as the vibrations have a wonderful knack of making your phone think someone is pressing buttons. Oh well, no harm done!

Until this morning…

I awoke to an unusual email from eBay containing an invoice for my purchase. What purchase? I was digging and weeding last night. Oh, poo! 💩 My phone had only gone and bought an item for £126.00 plus £10 delivery. The strangest phone call of my life was about to be made. I honestly don’t know whether the seller believed me, I would have found it hard to believe myself, but ultimately he was very understanding, and cancelled the sale.

So, my phone now has a weird and wonderful password on the lock screen and my fingers are crossed for no further surprises.