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From the Gospel according to Paul Maden

Just a quick note about a domain I recently purchased, after what seems like an eternity of biding my time…

Way back years ago I stumbled across a site called the Business Spew Generator, a one page website with the sole purpose of generating business buzzword phrases on demand. The page was was written in Javascript and therefore easy to disassemble, and I downloaded a copy for analysis.

Skip forward to last year, and I felt the urge to develop an up to date version of this site using Prototype, a new Javascript library. Problem was the author of the original site had since died, and the site was offline, although the domain name hadn’t yet expired.

What to do? Could I release a new version under a different site name? Of course I could, and so Corporate BS! was born. The new site retained the original “press button, receive jargon” format, but with the addition of a set of five Daily Bullshits, supported by an archive of the past few days pages.

Skip forward again to this week, and I was reminded to check the domain name status for the old BusinessSpew site. Bingo! The domain had expired in March, and was now available to register.

So, as the proud new owner of I can now execute critical action items on forward engineering new paradigm solutions…

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Update 13th November 2011: The leveraged synergies domain has been left to expire sometime ago. Also check below for comments…