Paul Maden

Trophy Designer and Software Engineer

Scrapey – Link Scraper

My new free web development tools site ( is now live, so now seems like a good time for me to describe the first tool in detail, Scrapey, the Link Scraper.

Wouldn’t it be handy to be able to simply paste the address (URL) of any web page into a form and be presented with a list of all links contained within that page? My new link scraper “Scrapey” does just that.

What’s more, it can detect links that contain a special marker known as “nofollow”, an instruction to search engines to not rank the page the list points to.

It’s a little rough around the edges at present, but the basic functionality is working correctly. In time I’d like change the way results are displayed, I think the links need wiring up as clickable, and the display text for each link needs adding also.

Anyway, check it out… Scrapey – Link Scraper, I’d love to receive any feedback, good or bad.