Web Developer Tools

From the Gospel according to Paul Maden

Have you ever wanted to know whether that hot girl you met the other night gave you a valid email address, or to find out if that pushy salesman did finally add your link to their page?

Well, you’re in luck, as I know just the thing to help you…

This week I’ve gotten round to building a site full of tools for you, Mr. Average Internet Geek User.
(Did he just call me a geek? Why, the cheeky swine!)

Features scheduled for the launch include an Email Address Validator and Link Scraper, with an HTTP Header Checker and Robots.txt Validator arriving later.

As I add tools and features to the site I’ll post them here, along with a short explanation of their use, and a quick guide to how they work behind the scenes.

Check out the site now: Web Developer Tools (https://www.paulmaden.com/tools/)