Badvice – Bad Advice

From the Gospel according to Paul Maden

Launched a new site today with the express purpose of giving out downright bad advice to its visitors.

Badvice ( is the culmination of over four hours hard work, and was developed at a cost of around £6.09.

The idea came from an old web page called the Random FAQ, whereby each time the user visited the site a different set of questions were randomly posed and answered.

The Random FAQ was hosted on many sites, never crediting the original source (who remains unknown), and more importantly always written in such a way as to never appear in search engine results.

I decided to make a version under the name Badvice (short for Bad Advice, duh!), designed such that visitors could receive a daily dose of bad advice. My modifications now allow for searching an archive of older questions, and presenting the results in a clean clear layout.

Visit The Site: Badvice – Bad Advice (