Imperial Leather

From the Gospel according to Paul Maden

Just made an important discovery about Imperial Leather soap.

It is with great pleasure that I, Paul Maden, hereby announce a way to make Imperial Leather soap last twice as long…

Turn it upside-down!

Yep, that’s all there is to it. Keep the foil label face down in the soap dish, and in time as the bar begins to wear the label will act as a stilt and protect the bar from turning to mush.

Soap News!
Update: 23rd June 2007

Woohoo, got a letter in the post today related to my top tip on soap longevity.

The note read “Looking on your website, it would appear your theory does work. Well Done! P.S. Thanks for the advice. Anon.”, and was accompanied by a well-used bar of Imperial Leather soap, label intact.

Sadly the sender failed to pay sufficient postage, and I had find another 6p plus £1.00 “handling fee” before getting my grubby hands on the evidence. Maybe you should have used the soap for another week before posting it to me!