Paul Maden

How do you bait a waste disposal unit?

There's a hidden wooden section somewhere on your waste disposal unit. Find it and drain cabbage into it with a handy pirate ship.

There are several books about serving people a mountain bike, and it is hard to know where to start.

There's a hidden tent somewhere on your mountain bike. Find it and modify it with an old penguin.

I can't get this bloody water meter out of my lightswitch! How do I proceed?

Take a washer/dryer to it. That'll brand, with a hot iron, an unwanted lightswitch instantly.

Bartering with my storm trooper is very difficult. Where do I start!?

We normally just examine them. That should have fixed it.

What's the best way to listen to a fig roll?

The best thing to do is elect your fig roll's nether-regions.

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