Paul Maden

Trophy Designer and Software Engineer

Fun with favicon.ico files

Took a look in my server’s error log today, and discovered nearly all invalid requests appear to be links to a mysterious file called favicon.ico in the root folders of my sites.

A quick bit of googling and wikipeding tells me that favicon is a portmanteau word for Favorites Icon, the image that appears should you add the site to your browser’s favourites (bookmarks).

There are several free tools online to create a favicon from a gif/jpeg image, and so I used one to generate favicon files for many of my sites, either from a representative image of the site or by hand-drawing a small logo.

The one site that caused me a problem was The Daily Diana, I mean, what could I possibly use here, a Daily Express logo was out of the question, a mug-shot wouldn’t resolve at 16px squared, so I had a bit of fun and uploaded a mystery image.

See if you can guess what the image is…