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[last updated November 13, 2014]

Hi, I’m Paul Maden, a 30-something year old computer programmer from Lancashire.

My CV will tell you that I have considerable experience in working with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and have been responsible for the design, development, and maintenance of a large and diverse range of websites over the past sixteen years. It may also provide hints as to my particularly strong interest in Web Performance Optimisation, Conversion Rate Optimisation and on-page SEO.

Current Role (2012-)

Currently developing WordPress sites for high profile Hotel, Restaurant and Retail customers.

My competitor analysis of CMS driven hotel websites has left me less than impressed, and I would dearly like to prove the point that CMS sites can succeed in terms of performance.

Before That (2007-2012)

Held the post of senior developer at a prominent accommodation directory site receiving 300,000+ visitors per week during the summer months.

My own performance targets were 0.1 seconds time to first byte, 1.0 seconds to content loaded. Despite the lack of a CDN, I succeeded around half the time.

Before That (2006-2007)

Designed and created a system for integrating and delivering low-bandwidth interactive flash video components into customer websites.

The tools and techniques that I developed are still in use by my successors to this day.

Before That (1999 – 2006)

Designed and built a database-free shopping cart system from scratch, and operated an online shop. It was lightning fast, easy to use, and brought in the money.

Additionally I built and maintained a variety of sites, large and small.

Within these roles I have come to appreciate the importance of a well designed, quick loading website, and of the need for it to be scalable in times of high demand. There is nothing worse than losing a sales opportunity due to a poorly designed or inadequately performing website!

I also have many interests outside of work…

While work is important to me, and I do spend considerable time researching new tools, technologies and best practices, there comes a time when I do actually switch off the computer!

By night I design and manufacture hand-made stone and slate trophies for the family business. Please visit Maden Britain or Green Slate Trophies to take a look at my work.


I am what could best be termed as a “tryer” at ten pin bowling. My nine years of playing in local leagues have yielded little success, regular bruises and joint pains, ample vocalised profanities, but lots of fun.

Armchair Sports

In more passive sporting terms I follow Burnley FC and Blackburn Hawks (Ice Hockey) and have an interest in Baseball and many forms of Motorsports (and not just Formula 1).


I (along with my girlfriend Sam) have an interest in fishkeeping, and we keep two three small planted tanks stocked with Guppies, Danios, Ottos, Corys, Harlequins and other Rasboras.


In the past couple of years I have developed an interest in gardening, landscaping and D.I.Y., as a great way to a) unwind from work, and b) avoid actual housework.

Despite all this, I am a computer programmer, and as such it would be a bare faced lie to deny my DVD collection is heavily skewed towards Sci-Fi!

View my portfolio…

You’ll find examples of my work (past and present) on the menu bar at the very top of this page. Please bear in mind that many ‘museum’ sites date back as far as the year 2000, and my work at “iKnow” is (and only ever will be) only partially in the archive.

Contact details…

To contact me for any reason, please email me at paulmaden dot com.

I am currently seeking full time employment
I am NOT currently seeking full time employment
I am always interested to hear of new employment opportunities :-)

Thanks for reading,